Jonathan Parker, Creative Director

We love a good story. Whether it’s retelling something over the dinner table, writing a magazine feature or sharing an emotional testimonial through film, there is power in storytelling.

Parker Productions works with businesses to relay their mission to customers through film. Our passion is sharing unique stories through cinematography and deeply personal narrative.

Parker Productions creates videos, ranging from short 15- or 30-second commercials to longer testimonial stories, for small businesses, schools, non-profit organizations and large industries.

Creating a compelling video is only half the battle. We also specialize in helping customers deploy videos through social media, websites and other digital platforms. We understand marketing and crafting a message.

Whatever your purpose or passion, we can’t wait to help you share it.

I have spent 16 years sharing stories through newspapers, magazines and video. My life's work has been finding, writing and sharing stories of unique people. My amazing wife of 14 years, Becky, helps manage the business while also caring for our small children, Anna and Joel.

Anna has been known to tag along on film shoots and occasionally yell, “Action” when the time is right. Joel, who is learning to crawl, seems to have his sights set on working in lighting and post-production, but he’s flexible to other opportunities.

In great seriousness, we are a family-run business that is deeply invested in creating strong friendships with our clients. Sort of like a family.